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Intimate Area Trimmer\Shaver

Intimate Area Trimmer\Shaver
Intimate Area Trimmer\Shaver
Product Code: 1130012
Availability: 10 - 14 Days
Price: $67.95
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Introducing the new all-in-one Cleancut Shaver.

The Cleancut PS336 Intimate Area Trimmer offers an easy, pain-free method to trim and shave unwanted hair all over your body.

The 4 interchangeable trimming heads allows an entire body grooming solution.

Reach your most intimate areas without the risk of any nicks or cuts. The unisex design is suitable for men and women for all over body grooming.

Ladies - Don't worry about nicking or cutting your most delicate girlie bits - Use the Vaj-j Visor included in this pack. The Va j-j Visor is a revolutionary protective vaginal shield designed to help protect a woman's inner vulva area. It is also hypoallergenic, disposable and recyclable.

Uses 2 x AAA Batteries.

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